To find out how to set up your device so that you can get the maximum battery life possible, follow the simple steps below: 

1. On the app go to Menu - 'Tracker Settings'

2. Go to step 2/5 'Select Operation Mode’ - select ‘Long Battery Mode' 

3Go to step 3/5 'Update Rate’ - select ‘1 Year'

Selecting '1 Year' will give you the maximum battery life for your device. 

This will set your device to send location updates every 1 day. 

Continue through the set-up wizard. Your device has now been set up with maximum battery life.

A few things to note: 

  • If you would like location updates less than once a day (e.g once every 2 weeks, once every month) please contact us as it is not possible to apply this setting through the app. 

  • The battery life shown is only a estimate and not guaranteed.

  • Some variables that affect battery life include: where the device is mounted, poor signal areas, extremely high/low temperatures and motion sensitivity.

Still have some questions? Get in touch with us!