The Lightbug Pro can be charged via any standard Qi Wireless Charging Pad

If you're looking to purchase a Wireless Charging Pad for your Lightbug Pro, you can add one to your order at an additional cost. 

1. Plug your Wireless Charging Pad into a power source

2. Place the Lightbug Pro face down onto the Wireless Charging pad. Make sure you align the tracker so that the centre of the coil is directly on the centre of the charging pad. See image: 

Note: The location of the charging coil is not in the centre of the tracker, so often the tracker will not charge when placed dead in the middle of the charging pad. 

Caution: The LightBug Pro may get warm while charging, it is important to note that the heat is generated by the wireless charging pad rather than the tracker itself. 

3. The LEDs on the Lightbug Pro will blink to indicate how much it has charged, it works like a power bank. 

Example: If the first 2 lights are on and the 3rd is blinking it means the battery is charging and the status of the charge is between 50% and 75%.

4. Once the device is fully charged, the LEDs will turn off

Note: Charging times vary depending on the wireless charger that is being used so it is advisable to keep your Lightbug Pro charging overnight before initial use. 

If you have any additional questions about charging your Lightbug Pro, don't be afraid to reach out to us!