If your LightBug device is not charging, please follow the tips below:

  • Please make sure that the USB charging cable is correctly attached to the tracker and plugged into a working power source

  • Try using another power source: plug socket, USB port etc. 

  • Use another Micro USB charging cable 

  • Check the device and charging cable for any damages

  • Reset the tracker by by pressing and holding the button for 10 seconds                         Note: Performing this reset will not affect your settings. 

The following steps apply only to the Lightbug Pro GPS tracker

  • Make sure the charging coil is aligned properly with the charging pad. The image below shows the location of the charging coil (it is not dead centre of the tracker)

  • Check that your wireless charger is functioning by testing it with other wireless devices. 

If  you're still not able to get your Lightbug device charging, please contact us for further assistance!