If you find that the battery of your device is draining too quickly, we recommend enabling the power budget feature. 

What is the power budget feature? 

This feature allows a certain amount of power to be used when transmitting, so if the conditions are not so great and the tracker has to use a lot of power to transmit it will ignore the location update and try again later if the conditions are better. Examples of where this will be useful are: 

1) In very low signal areas i.e. underground parking, rural areas 

2) If the tracker is in a metal container i.e. delivery vehicle, cargo ship 

3)  For any other scenario where the tracker uses too much time for a single transmission.

How do I apply the power budget feature?  

1. On the main page of the tracking portal, click the orange circle on the bottom left hand side, and then click settings (black cog).

2. A window will be appear like the one below. Go to 'Power Budget' and enable the power power budget feature so that the toggle is orange.

3. After enabling power budgeting the 'Budget Mode' option will appear. Upon pressing the drop down arrow, a box will appear, here you have to set your preferred mode. 

The percentages show how many location updates might be dropped in average conditions.

5. Review the settings and then select 'save'  


  • To apply the new settings immediately, press the button on your tracker. If you don't have your tracker to hand, the tracker will update its settings the next time it is scheduled to send a location update. 

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