It may that your device was for a specific purpose or time period, and you no longer require it. If this is the case and you no longer want to use your tracker, you can cancel your subscription to stop any further billing. 

Don't worry, cancelling your subscription doesn't mean that you can't use your device in the future. If you want start using your LightBug device again, you can reactivate it. 

Follow these quick steps to cancel your subscription: 

1. Login into your account on the LightBug Account Admin portal. Use the same login details that are used for the app or web portal

2. You will see your tracker(s) listed under 'Devices'. In the 'Subscription' column of the device you would like to deactivate select the red power icon

3. On the pop-up page, read the text before selecting 'Deactivate' 

Your device has now been deactivated, you will no longer receive location updates and billing has stopped. 

If you have multiple trackers that you would like to cancel, repeat these steps to deactivate those devices.